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Synthesis of [2-13C, 4-13C]-(2R,3S)-catechin and [2-13C, 4-13C]-(2R,3R)-epicatechin

Publisher: Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals
Authors: Sharma, P. K.; He, M.; Romanczyk, L. J., Jr.; Schroeter, H.

The first synthesis of doubly labeled, [2-13C, 4-13C]-(2R,3S)-catechin 15 and [2-13C, 4-13C]-(2R,3R)-epicatechin 18 starting from labeled 2-hydroxy-4, 6-bis(benzyloxy)acetophenone 3 and labeled 3, 4-bis(benzyloxy)-benzaldehyde 7 are described.