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About Mars Edge

Mars Edge is a segment of Mars, Incorporated dedicated to human health through
targeted nutrition

Women taking picture with an iPhone of a plate of pancakes placed on a wooden table

Mars Edge is set up to use the latest science, data and technology to create evidence-based and consumer-led nutritional solutions

We're creating new business models and building world-class innovative partnerships with academia, start-up companies and philanthropic organizations to bring our ideas to life. Today, we're innovating new ways to make, market, sell and distribute new consumer product solutions and services that address malnutrition, personalized nutrition and healthy aging. We're focused on:

  • Bioactives: Providing health benefits for healthy aging, cognition and heart health
    Through our dietary supplement COCOAVIA™, we're leveraging over 20 years of research into cocoa flavanols to create evidence-based products that support healthy blood flow to help people support heart and brain health.
  • Personalized Nutrition: Offering products and services based on individual needs around health, nutrition and behavior
    We're building a global Personalized Nutrition business starting with our partnership with foodspring®–one of Europe’s largest and fastest growing direct-to-consumer targeted nutrition companies.

We know we won’t solve all of the world's nutrition challenges. But we do believe that through our innovations and partnerships, we can contribute to better lives through nutrition.

To find out more about our work, visit:

Cocoa Flavanol Products
Science and Research Policy