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Cocoa flavanol products

Our researchers, working with academic partners, began investigating the chemistry and biology of cocoa and the properties of cocoa flavanols more than 20 years ago


A strong body of evidence shows these compounds can have profound impacts on human health. 

COCOAPRO®: Our proprietary process to create cocoa extract supplements

Fresh cocoa beans are rich in flavanols, but conventional processing–such as fermentation, drying, roasting, and, in some cases, alkalization–can destroy them. To preserve the cocoa flavanols naturally and abundantly present in fresh cocoa, our researchers began studies that led to the introduction of COCOAPRO®, a proprietary process that preserves most of the flavanol content and produces a product containing a high concentration of these beneficial compounds.


COCOAVIA™: Our cocoa extract supplement

In addition to advancing research, we've translated these findings into products that make it easy for consumers to increase the levels of cocoa flavanols in their diet. We've developed COCOAVIA™–a daily cocoa-extract supplement that offers 500 mg to 750 mg of cocoa flavanols in each serving–the highest extract supplement on the U.S. market today. Offered in capsule and powdered mix form, these supplements are a convenient way to support your heart and brain health, every day.

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